Conan Sets the Record Straight About Being “22”


Taylor Swift ft. Goats, Paper Towels, and Nicolas Cage?

It’s Thursday afternoon (at least out here in California) and you’re sitting at your desk, bored. You’re in between projects and you need a little pick-me-up, a smile, a quick guffaw. Since you cut caffeine out of your diet at New Years (good for you, going strong two months in) you need something other than coffee to perk you up. Time is passing by quickly and you only have a few minutes before you need to head off to a meeting/start in on your next bit of writing/check in with your boss/etc.

I give you three viral videos quickly sweeping the Internet. They are listed in order from best (goats) to Nicolas Cage (worst) and paper towels (more of an intermission). Tied together with a sweet Taylor Swift song? What more could your flagging energy levels ask for?

Goats (be sure to watch this one to the end)

Paper Towels

Nicolas Cage

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