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Pick Me Up

So I had one of those days. It was made all the more special by being crammed into just a few hours.

In that short amount of time I missed a bus (managing to nearly sweat through my suit) arrived at a job interview when everyone was already in the room, broke a shoe lace, failed to get a haircut prior to tomorrow’s job interview and managed to show up at my wife’s photo shoot and suck some of the fun out of her day with my humdrum attitude.

So, I did what any 30-something male does in today’s society – sat on the couch and searched for someone on TV to make me feel better.

That’s when I stumbled upon comedian and cartoonist Pete Holmes. In a matter of minutes I felt a little bit lighter and was able to put things in perspective.

Today wasn’t all bad. After all, I had a job interview (and another lined up for tomorrow – and hey, a third one next week) and I have an incredibly supportive wife who notices when I am out of sorts and who asks what’s on my mind.

Below are two appearances by Pete Holmes that helped get me out of today’s rut. All it took was someone to put themselves out there, share a few truths and try to connect. Thanks Pete!

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