Is Christopher Nolan Shooting Ads?

Well of course not, but lucky for us SketchZord has imagined what it would be like if he did:


Batman: Old School

Well, Ms. Kluender and I finally saw Batman: The Dark Knight Rises last night. Throughout the entire experience we were blown away by the basics: the acting (Ms. K is a huge Joseph Gordon-Levitt fan), the score, set design, cinematography, and wardrobe (Bane looked amazing). However the best moment for me came at the end of the credits when it said that Christopher Nolan shot the entire movie on film and not digital.

I have always loved the texture of film. Its perfection is a direct result of its many tiny imperfections. It was appropriate to shoot Batman using film since he is a mortal character without the usual array of superhero abilities. Sure he has the gadgets, but when it comes down to it he is mind and muscle just like the rest of us, full of flaws. Digital was really made for Superman – the guy is too perfect to let you fully believe the story. Though the upcoming Man of Steel looks to add a little tarnish to his image.

Nolan has many reasons for continuing to use film over digital. He most recently explained his preferences in this article from the Directors Guild of America.

If you are a fan of Nolan and his representation of Batman then you have probably already seen the film. If you haven’t seen Batman: The Dark Knight Rises yet then you really should…and in IMAX.

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