Teehan+Lax: The Future of Agency Websites?

Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 2.14.04 PM“It’s different for a reason. We don’t list out our services. You won’t find a portfolio section.”

The digital design agency, Teehan+Lax has removed clutter from your online experience. Well, maybe not your entire online experience but the part when you surf agency sites looking for your next vendor.

Teehan+Lax is constantly evolving. This is the “7th iteration of teehanlax.com” a website that greets potential clients with one of the most thoughtfully clean approaches to self-representation that I have seen in a long time. (This is the same agency that did away with convoluted designer titles, replacing them with only Partner and Associate.) The cornerstone of this approach may at first seem to run counter to its goal: long-form story-telling.

You only need to view the story of Teehan+Lax to experience just how long this story-telling is, yet through an engaging narrative, self-deprecation, and perfectly placed images, you may find yourself ignoring email alerts (as I did) as you read on.

To say this approach is refreshing is an understatement. The design begs you to explore, play around, look for the familiar and stumble upon something new. It also asks you to question your intent in your search for traditional criteria.

Just how important are past results? Important to be sure but how much weight should be placed on process, beliefs, or capabilities? The agency is asking us to look at their culture not some stale case studies. Look at how they create. Judge them on their consistency to stay true to themselves by adapting and evolving, always bettering their approach and their work.

How far does this self/agency improvement go? How about learning code. Geoff Teehan recently posted this article on Medium to detail his reasoning behind learning code and how it helps his team move more quickly to a finished product.

More agencies should feature their culture and process. After all, this is where the largest disagreements occur on the way to the final product. I wish Teehan+Lax the best of luck with their new site. Hopefully it will inspire similar acts among agencies and have more visitors asking, “Where is the story?” when choosing a vendor.

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