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When this ad came on last month I said I would write about it. Then I was sidetracked by life. Since then this ad continues to air. Finger on the pulse GE, finger on the pulse.

Pepsi Pulls Ad After Calls of Racism

What do you think of the latest ad that has been pulled? Is it the “most racist commercial in history“? The series come form the creative mind of Tyler, the Creator.

Ad 1:

Ad 2:

Ad 3:

Is Christopher Nolan Shooting Ads?

Well of course not, but lucky for us SketchZord has imagined what it would be like if he did:

Where Are the Ball Throwers?

Milo had been chasing roughly five different balls this morning and suddenly all of the ball throwers disappeared.

Pull It

Hyundai pulled this ad yesterday. Yeah, probably best.

Maybe It’s Because I Use Dove…

Maybe it’s because I use Dove but I like this ad and am not buying in to the hate.

And for once, the parody is better in my opinion…much more realistic.

Big Guys Helping “Little” Big Guys

Screen shot 2013-04-15 at 10.42.33 PM

Today I had the opportunity to promote a joint campaign between my new employer, WildAid, former NBA star Yao Ming, and several of our partners. Check out the trailer my colleagues created for ‘The End of the Wild’, our upcoming film featuring Yao’s visit to Africa. Some of the content is graphic so take a moment before scrolling down and pressing play.

The Wolverine and Cyclops Cat

You caught me. I filled up my day by enjoying life away from my desk but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t find something fun to share for a little weekend enjoyment. Here are two X-Men trailers: The Wolverine and Cyclops Cat. I’ll let you figure out which one is a teaser and which one is a tease.

The Wolverine

Cyclops Cat

Making Your Video: Picking the Right Audio

Audio selections are frequently overlooked in videos to disastrous effects. A fitting song can create just the right mood, adding to your theme, while the wrong selection can force a viewer to click away never to return to your page or even worse, bring about a lawsuit for copyright infringement. Here are a few examples of how audio selections drastically impact videos:

Cease and Desist

When the SPCA of Wake County used Abba’s “Take a Chance on Me” without their permission they received an order from the band’s lawyer. That meant a scramble to create a video that requires viewers to synch up the song, a step you hope to save your audience from doing.

Opposites Attract

No matter what you film, you can match seemingly unconnected sound effects to create memorable effects. Take this YouTube favorite for example:

Unintended Consequences

An instrumental selection can create just the right mood or take your video in an unintended direction. Just look at these two versions of the same video posted recently by BuzzFeed. The first is the original celebratory video regarding Twitter’s seven year anniversary.

Here is the same video with music from the film Inception.

Before you begin recording your next video, remember the many components, including audio, that will set your project up for success. Share some of your examples of audio done right in the comments section below.

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