BrianAdamsPRAbout the BrianAdamsPR Blog

The aim of this daily blog is to help organizations, for- and nonprofits, with their communications (and occasionally talk about movies, my pets, and my travels). Now more than ever, communications departments are suffering from shrinking budgets and experience from the trenches can help save time and precious dollars.

My posts can be a bit lighthearted (Winnie the Pooh on…Social Media), pulled straight from the headlines (tweets gone awry), or straightforward advice (The Social CEO: 8 Tips for Taking Your Boss Public).

If you have a question you would like answered on this blog please send it to brianadamspr@gmail.com. If you want to have my daily posts sent straight to your inbox, please sign up using the button to your right.

About me

I am currently the US Communications Director at WildAid. I am also a former journalist / tech agency publicist, Senior Director of Communications at United Way in Boston, and head of Media and Community Relations at the Massachusetts SPCA. Having relocated from Boston to San Francisco in 2012 with my wife (#MsKluender) and two cats, I spend my spare time tweeting (@brianadamspr), exploring The City with our new dog Milo, and cooking from the Veganomicon.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I guess organizations always need somekind of help with their communication. I’m following your search for news. Keep up the great work.

    • Thank you Linda for pointing that out. I am trying this new theme design and one of the losses is having my icons disappear from my old page appearance. I am looking to customize it but have yet to find the time.

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