Google Mother’s Day: Not Too Intuitive

Google doodles are always fun but today I just couldn’t get the hang of it. Maybe it’s me, I just woke up, and building things with a foggy head never end well.

If you haven’t tried it yet, it appears to be a card creating factory that helps you put together something from your grammar school days and share with mom.

My first attempt looked like something that might be sent from Norman Bates with a campfire and a blood red background:

Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 9.09.38 AM
My second attempt was a bit too Charlotte (SNTC):

Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 9.10.59 AM
The third was pure branding (not sure which icon I selected that suggested my mother might need a reminder to use Google):

Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 9.12.10 AM

I gave up with this fourth result, a mixed bag of marketing and childhood whimsy:

Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 9.13.14 AM
Time to own up and go to Amazon for a book to send to mom. Thanks Google, in a roundabout way you helped me find what I needed to do.


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