Biz Stone’s Jelly: Let the Guessing Games Begin

Jelly logoKara Swisher broke the news last week: Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has a new startup in the works called Jelly.

Exactly what Jelly is or will be was open to speculation. One person told Swisher that Jelly would be a “native mobile” effort.

She went on to say: While it’s not clear exactly what that means, sources said the well-known entrepreneur has already hired four or five employees to form a team on the mystery product that will likely be aimed at smartphones and tablets.

A post later appeared in response to the leaked news on April 1st (let the April Fools’ theories begin) on the Jelly HQ blog. Would there be answers? Would we find out what Stone was up to?

Not really.

The post titled ‘What is Jelly?’ was a short letter from Stone, now the Co-Founder and CEO of Jelly Industries, Inc.:

People are basically good—when provided a tool that helps them do good in the world, they prove it.

Jelly is a new company and product named after the jellyfish. We are inspired by this particular animal because neurologically, its brain is more “we” than “me.” Also, for the past 700 million years, this decentralized structure has been wildly successful.

News of Jelly emerged unexpectedly early so I’ll wait a bit to share more about the team. In the meantime, I’ll say this. Jelly will be for everybody, it will be developed first and foremost for mobile devices, and it will be free. But, it won’t be ready for a while.

Personally, Jelly will command my full attention aside from some advisory roles elsewhere. The company is self-funded for now. Our offices are based in San Francisco. We are hiring, but Jelly is in no rush to be a big company any time soon.


Biz Stone, Co-Founder and CEO
Jelly Industries, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

With fellow Twitter alums Jason Goldman and Ev Williams working on Branch and Medium respectively through the trio’s Obvious incubator, what does Stone’s latest venture mean? I’ll wait and see, all while enjoying everyone else’s opinions as details are sure to drip out slowly.

What do you think Jelly is?


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