Book Trailers: Marketing the Written Word

A few years ago you may have been forgiven for never having seen a book trailer but now they crowd the market as publishers hope to increase sales with these pithy films. Book trailers can now easily be found on YouTube. These shorts are similar to a movie preview, intended to create anticipation while clocking in anywhere from two to two-and-a-half minutes on average.

Back in 2008, I helped DoubleDay shoot the book trailer below for one of my colleagues, Dr. Nick Trout, a New York Times best-selling author until ‘sTori Telling’, Tori Spelling’s autobiographical account bumped him off after one week.

It was an afternoon spent filming around the hospital in an attempt to “sell” Dr. Trout to potential readers. As you can see, we weren’t breaking new ground here or angling for any awards.

Book trailers weren’t new at the time. Here’s a fabulous (French) trailer from 2007 for Mathias Malzieu’s ‘The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart’.

Since its inception, book trailers have grown their production value by featuring actors, scripts, and occasional special effects. My preference is when they inject a bit of comedy into the mix. Just check out this teaser for Matthew Hussey’s new book ‘Get the Guy’in which the author is not featured and his work is not mentioned until the end credits.


What are your favorite book trailers?


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