Yesterday’s News: The Best Stories That You Didn’t Read This Week

2013-03-16 11.30.45As usual, #MsKluender brought home stacks of newspapers this week and I didn’t get around to flipping through them until late last night and early this morning. Be forewarned, these are not necessarily the biggest stories or the ones that I should be reading (no assigned homework here). These are the few pieces of journalism that drew me in and informed me.

For reference I am provided with The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and USA Today.

How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia
Krys Lee reviews the fictional self-help book from Mohsin Hamid.

Living With Less. A Lot Less.’s Graham Hill explores his life now that he has discarded his many possessions.

The Price of Marriage
Brook Larmer takes us inside the pursuit of spouses in China, from a mother’s mission to find a wife for her son to a rich bachelor relying on a small army of matchmakers to secure a mate.

Made to Order
Alec Scott examines three creative couples pursuing unique design in their homes.

Innovation Elusive, But Bravado Abundant
James Temple questions the level of innovation coming out of Silicon Valley.

Help Wanted!
Spencer E. Ante discusses the need for employees who can interpret big data.

Click for Career Enhancement
Nick Wingfield looks at the companies offering creative, online courses and the people using them to build their CV.

For Marvel Comics, a Renewed Digital Mission
Brooks Barnes highlights the comic book powerhouses renewed efforts to bring digital content to fans.

Struggling ‘Life of Pi’ Special-Effects House Attracts a Bidder
Ben Fritz briefly discusses the bankruptcy and impending sale of the Oscar-winning visual effects company behind ‘Life of Pi’.

Getting the Journalism You Pay For
L. Gordon Crovitz examines the difficulties faced by freelance journalists when publishers seek free content.

Power Players Hooked on Netflix Series
Carla Marinucci and Wyatt Buchanan examine the popularity of ‘House of Cards’ among the movers and shakers in government.


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