Finding the Perfect Fit

TrueMy friend Christina is the head of PR and Communications for True&Co., the company that is redefining how women find the perfect fitting bra. I try to touch base with Christina every time the company gets a major press hit, which is often. This last time however, a New York Times Sunday edition article struck a chord with me on a personal level and made me ask: How important is the right fit?

Not bras in my case but the right fit in life. Sure we settle for near fits when it comes to clothing since many of us buy off-the-rack, but where else do we compromise?

When it comes to spending your life with someone, why would you ever settle? I truly believe that there is someone out there for you. Sure there are sites with algorithms just like True&Co, but even if the experts say that you have met your match, it’s up to your heart if it feels right.

When it comes to work, I am a huge proponent of finding the right fit. Even if you have to take a job to pay the bills, keep looking for “The One”. It’s out there and when you find it, you’ll land it and it won’t even seem like work.

Some families fit great right away and others need a lot of work. Well you can’t change family but you can try to make the fit better. Imagine that you’re a team of tailors working on your relationship, taking in a little here and letting it out there. It may not work for everyone but together with some honesty and openness you can make great strides.

Well you can swap friends out. Sometimes we outgrow friendships, fill up our lives with too many and need to cut back. I always remain open to new friendships because I firmly believe that the more people you meet the richer you will be for putting your time out there.


2 thoughts on “Finding the Perfect Fit

  1. Leave it to you to turn a post that seemed it was going to be about bras and turn into these beautiful observations/metaphors about life. #MadeMyThursday #WroteItLikeYouMeantIt

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