Why Are You Such a Failure?

Maybe+the+cat+is+just+insecure+about+him+her+self+_8cf6f92981a823ae1a9df0956421aa50I’m getting pretty tired of these negative headlines like “10 Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Popular” or “Why People Don’t Follow You on Twitter”. Sure they may lead to positive content but they always tell me what I’m doing wrong, where I am not and why I should be there, why I have no followers or friends, and why my online life basically sucks.

Why do we respond so well to this fear? Why do we need to click on a headline that plays on our insecurities?

Sure it’s the headline that will make us click on the link but can we try to stay a bit more upbeat? Maybe it will catch on if we do it enough. So let’s try to stay positive and help each other out when we can with some good old supportive headlines.

That is all.


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