Yesterday’s News: The Stories That Were Overshadowed by Facebook and SXSW This Week

IMG_5383As usual, #MsKluender brought home stacks of newspapers this week and I didn’t get around to flipping through them until today. Be forewarned, these are not necessarily the biggest stories (your Twitter feed is probably already full of dispatches from SXSW or Facebook News Feed updates) or the ones that I should be reading (no assigned homework here). These are the few pieces of journalism that drew me in and informed me.

For reference I am provided with The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and USA Today.

Lifeline Service for the Poor Goes Cellular
Kevin Fagan covers how California’s poor will soon have access to free cell services and phones.

‘City’ Offers Lesson Plans
Benny Evangelista discusses the latest version of “SimCity” and how it will help students hone their STEM skills.

Endangered or Not, but at Least No Longer Waiting
Michael Wines investigates the waiting game behind becoming an endangered species.

Open Jobs and Good Candidates, but employers Won’t Commit
Catherine Rampell discovers why employers aren’t pulling the trigger as they string along qualified candidates.

Check It Out: This Is Not Your Father’s Dewey Decimal System
Greg Toppo explores how libraries are lending new products, like heirloom seeds, through my favorite decimal system.

Last Stop, Adulthood, The Bronx
A.O. Scott allows others to review Oz the Great and Powerful this week, instead focusing on this unique film about adolescents on a bus.

Bar Shuffleboard: Beer, Yes; Sticks, No
Adam W. Kepler reviews the game that is taking over many of New York’s bars (full disclosure: I played this in NY years ago and loved it).

Reselling the E-Goods
David Streitfeld asks “Why can’t we resell our used e-books?”

To Place Graduates, Law Schools Are Opening Firms
Ethan Bronner sheds some light on the need for “teaching hospitals for law school graduates”.

A Hunter-Gatherer’s Wild Career
Emma Jacobs follows this Englishman into the woods to find out how he makes a mint each year selling wild plants to restaurants.

Bid to Ban Polar Bear Trade Fails
This news brief looks at the difficulty in protecting the polar bear from international trade.


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