Vine Users Get Creative with Traditional Topics and Smart Editing

VinePeople certainly enjoy making 6 second videos on Vine. Many users, including myself, focus on pets, recipes, and clothing options, while a chosen few are being a bit more creative. Their videos are shared throughout Twitter and even make online media sites. So how do they do it?

The Vines creating the most buzz do not tackle new subject matter. They’re shared because they use tried and true subject matter that they repackage into 6 seconds. The topics people connect with are universal. That connection immediately cuts through the need for time-wasting set-ups.

Focus on the key ingredients to these topics – remove the fluff. We all went through this when Twitter launched and we needed to share complete thoughts with a seemingly miniscule amount of characters. Hey, we made it pretty far so believe in your ability to adapt to a very similar platform.

Take a lesson from the early days of Twitter: share universal topics and edit, edit, edit down to the bare bones. Here are several Vines that show exactly how much information can be conveyed in what only a few months ago seemed like an impossibly short amount of time.


Job Hunting


Customer Service

The Tease


2 thoughts on “Vine Users Get Creative with Traditional Topics and Smart Editing

  1. We seriously love Vine over here…it’s fun, and yet just like you said, it’s crazy how much info you can pack into 6 seconds! Some have said it’s only for cat videos, but as marketing gets more and more visual (and people’s attention spans are shorter and shorter), I think Vine is becoming a useful way to show off your brand. Thanks for including us Brian!

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