Job Dating

“Job hunting is like you’re a 4 dating someone who’s a 10. That’s the process.”

My friend Howard said that yesterday. We were discussing my job search and the frame that’s provided to job seekers. Self-confidence therefore plays a large role since this imposed structure is not empowering.

Interviews are subjective and can warp your self-image if you are not vigilant. You need to remind yourself, throughout this process, of your worth. Howard’s idea, that the game is rigged against the job seeker, highlights this need to learn from the experience while not allowing negative results to devalue your skills and expertise.

As we talked we discussed the importance of leveling the playing field, reclaiming your position as a qualified candidate who is interviewing potential colleagues just as they question you. I wholeheartedly endorse and practice this approach. That’s the difference between finding a job and continuing your career.


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