PS4: Product Launch Minus the Product

CurtainsWhen 3PM (PST) rolled around I dutifully began watching the Ustream video for the big launch. Sony would be announcing its latest gaming console momentarily. What would it do? How would it function? And most importantly, what would it look like?

A few minutes in and someone said that we, the audience, was in for some big news “over the next few hours”. Wait. What? Next few hours?

Then we were on our second speaker. I knew the name of the product, the PS4. Not bad, sticking with the numbering and forgoing the invented model names that seem to water down a decent brand.

A few more minutes and product development was still being discussed. Were they serious about a few hours?

Almost an hour in and I’m seeing game preview after game preview. Where’s the console? They showed me a controller earlier but any excitement had worn off. (There wasn’t any to begin with…)

A little over an hour and my concentration broke. I watched a YouTube video a friend sent. That distraction lasted about 20 minutes. A quick check back to Ustream and…nothing. I slowly wandered away online…

Sometime around 6PM I remembered the announcement and clicked on the live stream I had paused. Wait, this guy again? Is it still going on?

Nope, it just started playing from the beginning. So let’s check the news feeds and take a gander at the new…

From The New York Times:

The console itself was never shown during the two-hour presentation. No release date was given, although before the Christmas holidays is a good possibility. No price was mentioned.

So when did we start having product launches without products? Isn’t that just an idea?


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