You’re Not the Headline


There is something wrong with this photo. It’s just two little letters. Can you spot them? I’ll give you a hint. They’re bold and big and out of place.

PR should never make headlines. If you’re in the PR industry you’ve taken a silent pledge to be the man behind the man (or woman behind the woman or man behind the…). You’ve decided that, for much of your early career, you will allow others to say your words, receive credit for your thoughts, and answer when asked a question.

It’s true that you may rise to the ranks of spokesperson and you will be quoted. There are times when you’ll step out of the shadows and stand at the center of the story. However, you’ll never let our methods be the source of speculation, dragging your audience away from your messages.

You may not have said a word, but you took the pledge.

This post first appeared on Medium.


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