The Proposal: Texans’ Lineman Presents “Ring” to 6-Year-Old Fan

There are some people who get social media and others who do not. Texans’ defensive end J.J. Watt is the former.

After a 6-year-old fan heard of his difficulty finding a girlfriend she decided that the door was open to marry the pro-football player. Just as quickly as her dreams appeared they were wiped away when her grandmother said that she had to be 25-years-old to get hitched. That’s when young Breanna’s mother recorded this video and posted it to YouTube:

Soon after, J.J. saw the video and decided that he had to make this little girl happy. In true Texas-style he purchased the largest ring he could find and presented it to his 6-year-old “future bride”. The special moment was even captured by the “wedding photographer” and sent to media outlets to ensure broad coverage from online magazines to popular morning shows.

Just a reminder that some of the best publicity comes from making others happy and ensuring that you document it. See how J.J. gets some mileage out of the viral hit during a recent interview:


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