Get to Know Vine: Tips for Your Next Campaign

Last week Vine launched its app for creating 6-second videos. Bugs aside, this app is quickly evolving in the hands of its users and has a bright future in marketing and media campaigns. These are my thoughts so far:

Tap into your inner storyteller
The 6-second parameter is a godsend for creating focused videos. By restricting content to such a brief timeframe you must drill down to the most visually appealing and striking shots. While you can certainly record a single shot, the tap to record feature allows you to easily “edit” a final product as you capture your images. This requires you to storyboard your video in advance, which will help you to play out different scenarios in the search for the ultimate sequence that includes story arc and cause and effect plot lines.

Share drafts
Vine’s accessibility and ease of use will allow you to test out and visualize ideas for larger projects and share these working ideas visually with partners and colleagues. You can also quickly share your “test videos” on Twitter to gauge reaction from your supporters before investing time in a resource heavy project.

Have fun
It’s quirky and new. Now is your chance to look at your work through a new lens. How can you present your next message in the amount of time it takes you to tie your shoes?

No pressure
Forget the pressure of creating a perfectly edited final film. Vine gives you some breathing room to highlight your idea rather than toiling over the final cut.

Open a window
Why not show your supporters what you or your clients do with a quick video. It’s about being personal and allowing voyeurs to see a little behind the scenes footage. If you need some ideas for a video just visit VinePeek for continuous footage being uploaded by Vine’s users around the world.

My only concern is if you are staging shots that build upon each other, like this one. What if you shoot one section for too long? Can you go back and delete only that section to re-shoot it or would you have to start cooking all over again?

I’m still playing around with the app when I can get my hands on my wife’s iPhone since I use an unsupported Droid. Hopefully that will be fixed soon too. (There are already people figuring out how to privately share Vine videos without that specific feature available yet.)

In the meantime I think that we have yet to see what creative fun people will shoot now that they are given only 6 seconds.

Have you tried Vine? Share links to your videos in the comments section below.


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