Write It Down

Write It Down 3

I am very frustrated right now because I didn’t take my own advice. Earlier this morning I was getting ready for another day of job-hunting when I had the best idea for a blog entry ever. I cannot say enough about this idea. It was so pure and wonderful that rainbows shot out of my ears. I must have been using an entire extra percent of my brain it was so insightful.

This would change everything; ie the post that would land me a job after it was seen by some CEO/Founder who had been growing frustrated with the HR department’s inability to find the appropriate candidate for their opening for a writer/storyteller/communications professional who would raise the organization/company profile and increase revenue therefore saving the jobs of thousands of employees who are currently facing a future similar to my own (I relocated though – for my wife. Take that anyone who says guys don’t do nice things.). But back to my once in a lifetime, bestest idea ever conceived.

(I didn’t write it down.)

My finger kept scrolling through my Twitter feed because I wanted to see what ideas other people were having or had since I went to bed last night. I continued going past the tweets from local news stations that I subscribe to but barely read, instead opting for the feeds from friends and interesting people. Each tweet gave me a new idea for a blog post but I pushed them aside, filing them somewhere behind my great idea. I would write them all down soon once I finished my information gathering.

I didn’t (open up any app to) write it down.

“My brain is amazing,” I thought. If it can come up with such a fantastic idea for a blog post it can certainly handle juggling a few more ideas for the time being. I kept looking at my phone for more. More what? I don’t know, just the same dopamine drip inducing fodder.

I didn’t write it down.

So I went to my computer to flesh out the idea but I had flagged a few emails since waking up that urgently needed my attention. What would happen if I didn’t file my new Twitter followers in the appropriate folder? I still don’t know the answer to that one and I don’t want to; seems like tempting fate with some horrible… uh, temptation?

So I filed and responded and received and responded and filed. All the while…

I didn’t write it down.

One email gave me an idea for another blog post, not as great as the one that would mean I was on a bus every morning going to work, but pretty damn good. So I opened up a Word doc and jotted the headline down before I forgot. As I typed the last word I thought, “I better write down my world changing blog post idea before it runs off.”

So I opened another white page and stared at the cursor. My mind went blank.

I didn’t write it down.

I went back to the bedroom, where I started my day, then to the bathroom where I had received the clearest burst of brilliance ever in my life. Hell, in anyone’s life. It. Was. That. Amazing.

Nothing. I picked up my phone, found the first tweet I read this morning (sure I can remember that of all things only because it mentioned Shaq for some reason) and scrolled back in time. Darkness. Maybe an email would trigger something. All filed or deleted. Organization you can go screw yourself.

So I’m sitting here like a down on his luck fisherman harping on the one that got away. I will be tormented all day until I forget about the blog post I forgot. Until that magical moment I will keep kicking myself because I’m a writer and (in unison people):



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