The Stories Behind Indie Video Games

I never knew that the world of indie video game development could be so compelling. That was until I watched Indie Game: The Movie on Netflix yesterday. The film chronicles three games, one a successful game that moved the indie game movement ahead by leaps and bounds literally, the second a game that was promised long ago and is being kept on life support by a determined developer, and the third is a game developed by partners on opposite sides of the country.

One of the main takeaways comes at the end of the film when Jon Blow, the developer behind Braid, shares his views on how these games are as personal to their creator as any piece of art:

“Things that are personal have flaws. They have vulnerabilities. If you don’t see a vulnerability in somebody you’re probably not relating with them on a very personal level.”

Now go see it. It’s worth your monthly subscription.


2 thoughts on “The Stories Behind Indie Video Games

  1. Definitely a great movie, glad it’s on Netflix. I bought it awhile ago but I hope more people get around to seeing it since it’s on Netflix. If you liked Indie Game I recommend checking out Minecraft: The Story of Mojang. Even if you’re not into Minecraft it’s a great look into how an indie game can become one of the biggest and best selling modern games. It’s not on Netflix, but the filmmakers (2PlayerProductions) have personally uploaded it on The Pirate Bay with a message giving people permission to watch it if they can’t afford to buy it.

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