Fast Friends

I was standing over my sink a moment ago, washing pieces of the new juicer. It isn’t a New Year’s resolution juicer, just a needed purchase facilitated by holiday gift giving. I scrubbed and rinsed the filter taking care not to dent it. I could feel the mesh giving ever so slightly under my grip. I placed it atop the carefully positioned parts in the drying rack and grabbed the knife and cutting board, dropping them against the steel basin. I gave them a quick scrub, setting them aside to dry as well.

I began to wonder when I stopped treating the knife with the same care as my new appliance. I remember when I would wash it immediately after use and dry it with a dishrag after hearing that water can dull the blade. At what point did my precious knife join the ranks of the stained tea mugs and dinner plates I use every day.

As I wiped down the counter I thought about how my treatment of objects. There were certainly the objects I used every day that I handled a bit more roughly. I know their breaking points better than my newer acquaintances. I am still testing each part of the juicer, seeing how much pressure I can put on each piece. It reminded me of meeting new people and handling them with care. Surely I don’t interact with my longtime friends as roughly as I do my dinner plates, but there is a familiarity that allows me to go further than I would with people I recently met.

I’ve been opening myself up more to more quickly treating new friends like old friends. I don’t hold back as much as I did five years ago. It makes me feel like I’m returning to my youth, when I was less reserved, however this time my experiences help me to turn a would be outburst into a thoughtful piece of conversation.

I don’t really know where this is all going. I was just washing the dishes a few minutes ago and it took me somewhere I wanted to explore.

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