Put Away the Laptop and Write

P1010237No don’t pick up a pen either. Let’s try writing in our heads today. It’s easier than you think and will produce better results.

What’s your preferred tool? A notepad? A laptop? God forbid a desktop? Don’t worry, you can keep them but we’re going to “cut the cord” because you are probably overusing them. Let’s put your screens to sleep and awaken your mind. Pretty new-age right? Well drop the crystal you hippie, we’re not going that far.

Here’s the deal. The next time you finish taking notes for your project, whether it’s a media release or a blog post, I want you to go for a walk. You can even sit on a bench if you like as long as you leave your writing tools behind.

Hopefully your mind will wander. It may take a few tries since you are probably freaking out because you are no longer connected to your friends, relatives, or colleagues. Well that’s the point.

Let your mind drift back to your project; let’s say it is a media release. What’s your headline? How about your subhead? Right about now you would normally be reaching for anything to jot down some notes but you don’t have anything on you, right? Good. So continue thinking about the release and how it plays out. What is the opening sentence? How about the next line? Has your headline evolved?

Hopefully by now you are feeling uncomfortable and since you are sitting on a park bench people probably think you are going through some sort of withdrawal. That’s good since you are.

Now let’s think about the quotes. Who is the speaker? What are they saying? Is there a supportive statement from a partner? What will you propose that they convey in their statement?

Are you feeling uncomfortable? Does your skin feel itchy? Great. Now you can go back. You probably want to run right? Go ahead but as you’re running back to your desk ask yourself, when was the last time you actually ran to your desk? Then ask yourself if you really just wrote a press release in under five minutes.


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