ResolveAs we prepare to welcome in 2013 we open ourselves to self-criticism from the year before. My friends are reaching out after looking back at the past year and telling me how they will change for the better starting tomorrow. When the clock strikes midnight in time zones around the world people will begin their “new lives”.

It’s really a fascinating time of the year as more people join gyms, sign up for library cards, or volunteer. I applaud anyone who recognizes an area for improvement and takes the initiative to change. However why limit it to January 1st?

I make resolutions every day. Even though they are born from different circumstances they almost always involve being kind, thoughtful, and personal. It may happen when I forget to say “Thank you” to a toll collector on a road trip or walk the dog too quickly so that I can move on to the next part of my day. No matter the instance I feel that there is always time to reflect and better myself.

Each moment provides an opportunity to do better than the last. As we move through our lives we can either choose to pay attention and steer our own course or function on autopilot, accepting the outcome of our past actions. It’s never too soon to be a better you than you were a moment ago.


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