10 Things I Learned By Doing Nothing On Christmas

2012-12-25 21.34.22Christmas day is a terrific 24 hours to relax and indulge in doing little. Today I learned numerous things while not doing much. They include:

  1. Lee Child crafts page-turning fiction with his Jack Reacher novels. (I’m reading Echo Burning — completely out of order.)
  2. Set design and chase sequences improve on an original theme (Total Recall).
  3. It’s not how bad your past mistakes were but how hot you are now. (Reese Witherspoon in the few minutes I watched of Sweet Home Alabama.)
  4. It’s quite possible that the Good Humor man designed horrible creamsicle uniforms worn by the Knicks.
  5. A) Don’t trust pikeys. B) Steven Soderbergh owes a lot to Guy Ritchie. (Snatch)
  6. My four-year-old niece really only wanted a donut for Christmas.
  7. Anna Wintour is not as evil as I always thought; though she’s still pretty pushy in The September Issue.
  8. GQ presents the same fashion year over year. (I flipped through three years of back issues before recycling them.)
  9. Curry tastes better on a rainy day.
  10. Every day should end with a cup of hot cocoa, healthy pets, and a smiling wife.

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