Was Joining Google+ Communities a Bad Idea?

Picture 10I’m a community guy. I join groups, share ideas, and generally look to learn from others. So I signed up for a few PR and Social Media groups yesterday to experience the new Google+ Communities. It has taken less than 24 hours for me to regret that decision.

Since joining, I continue to receive emails from each group in real time. While I think that this is a great feature, an improvement on LinkedIn’s aggregated overnight updates from my groups, I wish the content were more engaging. Each post is another in a long line of “going around the room” introductions. Hopefully this is only due to the influx of people, like me, jumping on board and soon more community members will begin posting their thoughts, questions, advice, worries, and passions.

Maybe it’s me. I enjoy the opportunity to learn more about people however I prefer to hear what they have to say before I find out what they do.


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