Write Something Stupid

What do you doSometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to write the perfect story. Whether it’s a blog post, a press release, or even a birthday card to a loved one, we want to turn the perfect phrase. This pursuit of writing the line that will set our work apart from the trite gibberish of everyone else can be crippling.

The next time you can’t think of something to write, take some of the pressure off by writing something stupid. Just explore any topic. Why are some dogs bigger than cats and other dogs smaller? What would a world map look like if the South Pole were the North Pole and vice versa? How do trees know when to stop growing? Don’t pause as you write just let the words flow. I’m doing it right now because I want to see what I will write.

It’s easy once you start. You may even jot down a few sentences worth saving. Set your mind free and put down words that come to mind readily rather than those generated from multiple cups of coffee and endless scans of quotes from authors pontificating on writing.

Write from a comfortable place to liberate your grammar and not dam it up with fear. You can always go back and edit it later. It’s not as easy as it seems. It can be scary and it can produce mounds of rubbish, however I think it would be a lot scarier not to have written anything at all. Oh, that last thought may just be a keeper…


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