“Unless It’s Fatal It’s No Big Deal”

Picture 2We awoke just before 4am this morning to the sounds of our barking dog and a drunken argument on the street below. After a quick walk to help Milo relieve the pressure of intestinal discord, I was tossing and turning in bed. What better time to check emails.

Emails led to Twitter and then to surfing the web including the TEDxWomen site. That’s where I happened upon last night’s talk by Bob and Lee Woodruff at The Paley Center for Media in Washington, D.C. for TEDxWomen 2012: The Space Between. You will remember Bob as the ABC News journalist who was nearly fatally injured by an IED in Iraq. He and his wife Lee authored a book about his recovery in 2007, In an Instant: A family’s Journey of Love, Courage, and Healing, and founded the Bob Woodruff Foundation to “provide resources and support to injured service members, veterans and their families.”

In this clip Bob and Lee discuss his recovery and those moments in between milestones that make up our lives. The talk is heartfelt and humorous with more than a few inspirational moments. If you don’t have time to watch the entire clip (it’s an engaging 18 minutes) then you may enjoy a few of Lee’s messages on resiliency:

“Always allow for the possibility of hope.”

“When the bad things happen you have two choices. You can get bitter or you can get better.”

“If you can’t laugh at things then where are you really gonna be in life. Gallows humor happened, I think, because we had to take the thing that had its power over us, that was the big bad thing, and minimize it, and release some of that power.”

We are hardwired to survive. We human beings are built to be resilient.”

You play the cards that you’re dealt but you never stop trying to get your hands on the deck.”

“Loss is not the end. It is merely an invitation to change.”

“Unless it’s fatal it’s no big deal.”


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