The Power of Suggestion (and Starbucks)

You may think you’re a free thinker but according to Jimmy Kimmel you have most likely been brand brainwashed. The talk show host recently took a camera crew to the streets to test the new $7 cup of coffee from Starbucks and demonstrated the depths of the company’s branding. This is what happened:

While Kimmel’s video cleverly highlighted the success of the Starbucks brand and the loyalty of its customers over the quality of the company’s product, this chain is certainly used to criticism. Maybe you recall this little doozy from 2011 when Walmart’s coffee was “rated on par with the equivalent costing more than double the price bearing the Starbucks label.”

NOTE: The non-coffee drinkers I spoke with about this clip had assumed that Starbucks already charged this much for a cup o’ joe. I guess we (I was under the same assumption) were vulnerable to brand suggestion ourselves – it just came from Dunkin’Donuts.


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