Just a Great Day

My dad playing ball with Milo during his recent trip to San Francisco.

My wife and I had been looking forward to a long Thanksgiving holiday for weeks. We planned day trips to relax and enjoy the company of our recently adopted dog, Milo. Just a few mellow days spent tossing a ball on the beach and exploring the Bay Area.

Little did we suspect that several emergencies would dash those plans and make a random Saturday in November so special. In just a few short hours my father came home after suffering a Thanksgiving heart attack, our dog bounced back from a week spent battling a mystery illness, our cat Scout was given the all-clear for a recently developed breathing problem, and Ms. Kluender and I shared a moment that had her laughing louder than I had heard in a long time.

It is often said that bad news can derail your plans. None of us could have planned how to get where we are this day but I’m thankful that we are all here to celebrate it.


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