On the Run with Twitter: McAfee Tweets Upstage Shooting Victim, Zynga Meltdown

Zynga continues to burn slower than a John le Carre thriller. News that the social gaming company’s CFO has joined Facebook ranks somewhere between Britney Spears’ head shaving incident and her umbrella rampage on the paparazzi. Shocking? No. Expected? Sadly, yes.

Well rubber necking techies suffered from whiplash today after McAfee founder, John McAfee, went on the run following the shooting death of his neighbor in Belize City. McAfee, who sold his stake in the antivirus company in the 1990s, moved to Belize several years ago.

Local police have named McAfee a “person of interest” in the investigation and have requested that he come in for questioning. McAfee has denied any involvement in the shooting death of Gregory Viant Faull and suspects that he may have been the real target of a sinister plot. Earlier today, McAfee evaded police stating he “will do whatever it takes to stay alive” and that he suspects the government now wants to kill him.

So how do we know so much about McAfee’s suspicions and moves if he is on the run? Twitter of course.

Beginning yesterday, McAfee reached out to WIRED’s Joshua Davis via phone. Lucky for his growing list of followers the contributing editor is tweeting snippets from his conversations with McAfee as he makes the media circuit.

As this story unfolds, is it shocking that the Twitter sideshow is overshadowing the victim of a possible homicide? No. Is it expected? Sadly, yes.

Here are the posts from @JoshuaDavisNow as of 11/13/12, 5:00PM PST:


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