Was That Sarcasm?: Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s Guide To (*S)

Sarcasm can be subtle, especially online. In fact, it is posing a real obstacle for measuring the sentiment of tweets and Facebook posts according to a recent Wall Street Journal article. It’s pretty hard to believe that computer programmers, renowned for their social skills, are stumped (*S).

In the search for the perfect solution to this quandary, one guy even spent upwards of $100k designing and marketing a doodle to phone companies to declare sarcasm in texts and emails. Now that’s someone who knows the value of a dollar (*S) – see #FirstWorldProblems video post if you still don’t get it.

No matter the obstacle it seems that the world’s best and brightest are on the case (*S). This might just be a job for the Mohawk guy over at NASA(*S).

Just in case the programmers do not figure it out in time for the next marketing report from Brand X I think they should have a sit down with their leader, Dr. Sheldon Cooper. As you can see in the following clips, Dr. Cooper figures out sarcasm in just a few short years of studying this complex phenomenon (*S). Can’t wait for someone to think up a simple, short way to designate sarcasm in a post (*S).

“Was that sarcasm?”


“You have a sarcasm sign?”


“I’m 8 for 26 this month.”


“That FYI was sarcasm.”



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