WSJ: Whose Résumé Was That?

Not my résumé but a few great tips. (full image below)

Since relocating to San Francisco for my wife’s promotion, and my dream of always living in California, I have been searching for work. In the last few months I have revised my résumé several times, drafted countless cover letters, placed daily calls and sent follow up emails to hiring managers, picked brains at informational interviews, secured numerous actual interviews, and turned down exactly two jobs that were not the right fit. So when I opened up the Wall Street Journal this past Monday I was excited to read their Leadership In Human Resources section.

The short, the four page feature contained several great articles including employees that are online celebrities (I can only hope), a human resources personality test (I seem to fit into categories that do not describe me), and tips for improving your online résumé (image below). That’s when I saw it…a generic résumé for Brian Adams.

Of all the names that the Wall Street Journal could have chosen why did they select mine? Is it creepy (?) or more of a positive sign (?) that they selected my name? To be honest, it is a bit of a generic name made famous by that Canadian singer I am always obligated to acknowledge when making dining reservations, calling reporters, or when a cashier reads my credit receipt.

Well I am going to take it as a good sign that Human Resources professionals now have my name on their mind, at least subliminally. My qualifications, however, are much different than the generic Brian Adams in the Journal. Take a peek at my LinkedIn profile and let me know if you have any leads that can help me land my next job ( At the very least you will receive a public thank you here on my blog as I try to climb to online super-stardom. (FYI – My current non-profit work is all pro bono but I feel a paying job just around the corner.)


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