Our Nameless Companion

UPDATE: Thank you all for your thoughts! We considered so many names and finally decided on Milo. I think you will agree that the name fits his look and we can attest that it suits his personality as well. Thank you again for being a part of Milo’s naming!

A beautiful day in San Francisco made even better with a new addition to the BrianAdamsPR family – a yet to be named mutt. We are taking suggestions for the calm yet highly intelligent Border Collie mixed breed pooch. Dr. Bruce Banner (aka Banner) is currently leading the charge. Extra points for any comic book references…

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19 thoughts on “Our Nameless Companion

  1. From his description, his canine lineage, and my favorite book, I propose the name “Scout.” He just sounds like the kind of a dog who would be a great scout.

  2. Commando Cody, the ” Marshall of the Universe” – can call him Cody for shot 🙂
    Or Commander Cody from Star Wars or the band – can also call him Commander for short!

  3. For his quiet/calm and high intelligence (as well as his obvious easy charm and probable faithful friend), my vote is for “Doc” or “Simon” for Doctor Simon Tam of Firefly/Serenity tv, movie and comics.

  4. With that black eye – I’m thinking Spot! Although canine wisdom is that your animals should always have a 2 syllable name. He also looks like he might want to be called Checkers…beautiful pup!

  5. H elooks like he character two face on batman. Played by tommy lee jones. So I thought “Jonsey” would be appropriate.Prounounced “Jones-ee”

  6. Remember the Little Rascals and the dog with the eye ‘patch’? Well your dog has an eye patch so why not call him Pete like that dog?

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