VIRAL FRIDAY: Is Soda Killing Polar Bears?

According to a video from ad legend Alex Bogusky, Coca Cola’s 90 year-old fluffy polar mascots are suffering from type 2 diabetes, impotency, tooth decay, and limb amputation thanks to sugary drinks.

If the name Bogusky is not ringing any bells, you may be more familiar with his work. His former agency created the Burger King Subservient Chicken, a forerunner to the viral videos of today. Bogusky is also credited as a co-creator of the anti-tobacco ‘Truth’ campaign.

Having left the ad agency world, Bogusky is back in the public eye as Executive Creative Director of The Real Bears video. The PSA is taking on the soda industry with the assistance of the Center for Science in the Public Interest and a feel good tune from Jason Mraz and MC Flow called ‘Sugar’. Since its release on Wednesday, the video is quickly spreading its message that soda creates more sadness than Coke’s ‘Open Happiness’ campaign portrays.

For more information from the The Real Bears campaign, visit their website which is chock full of  “Lies” and “Truths” for you to ponder.

What was your favorite video this week? Share links in the comments section below.


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