Perspective: Technology and Expectations

I was flipping through yesterday’s newspaper this morning when I came across Harriet Edleson’s article Connectivity as a Given. Edleson focuses on the rise of wireless connectivity while traveling:

As to those travelers who enjoyed a few hours of being out of touch with the office, those days may be ending…as airlines race to create connectivity on international flights through satellite Wi-Fi, the ability to stay online in the skies will only increase, experts say.

According to one of the article’s subjects:

“If the Wi-Fi system in maxed out, it slows down. You can log off and not be able to get back on, or be booted off the system.”

I also enjoy staying connected while traveling, especially abroad. In some countries I am covered, others I bring a throwback phone and use pay-as-you-go SIM cards. If I lose connectivity I feel like a high-schooler sitting by the phone hoping my classmates will remember to call me about that night’s party. I feel alone, disconnected, and out of the loop.

It is at times like this that I remember Conan O’Brien’s interview with Louis CK about technology, expectations, and perspective. (My apologies about the quality.)

How do you feel about being connected constantly? Does it make our lives easier or just ratchet up the stress?


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