San Francisco: Free of Charge

San Francisco is a city of experiences. Armed with only our bus passes, Ms. Kluender and I had a weekend free of any real expense thanks to The City’s busy event schedule.

Free Museum Day

Throughout the country yesterday museums welcomed patrons free of charge as part of Smithsonian Magazine’s Annual Free Museum Day. After a bite to eat with our friend, Ms. Hatje, we headed over to the Cartoon Art Museum to stare at the artwork from their Avengers Assemble exhibit. Check out the slideshow below for some of the occasionally blurry camera phone pics I took.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dogma Adoptions

Orion was available for adoption from the Northern California Family Dog Rescue.

This afternoon we headed out to Dogma, a street fair put on by the San Francisco SPCA and 7×7 Magazine. There were many dogs in need of homes and on-site adoptions through the SFSPCA were at no cost. Regardless of any charges, if you are looking for a sloppy kissing companion, take a peek at the canines in need of some love.

Blues on Polk

Heading home we thought we did pretty well this weekend, racking up new experiences without lightening our wallets too much. That’s when we stepped out in Russian Hill to enjoy a little more sun only to encounter The Polk Street Blues Festival. Again, free of charge (except that bucket of garlic fries I had to have) the street was filled with vendors and music from dueling concert stages set up several blocks apart.

San Francisco continues to keep us entertained and we can’t wait to see more.


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