Get Creative With Your Brand On Facebook

I’m frequently asked how often an organization or a business should post on Facebook and my reply is fairly straightforward: You should post when you have something to say that is of value to your audience. Many times this means posting news or insight relating to your industry or mission, however what happens when news is slow?

Take it from one brand that is leading the way on social media: get creative. Oreo set a goal of creating 100 posts in 100 days on its Facebook page. This may seem daunting to many of you, especially given Oreo’s obvious investment in art direction and tight copywriting. While you may not have the resources to take on such a project, the images below can prove incredibly inspirational.

How do you approach your posts? Have you just launched a new social media campaign? Share your work in the comments section below and I may just post about your organization next time.


4 thoughts on “Get Creative With Your Brand On Facebook

  1. Posting in Facebook fan pages in a regular manner is not an issue with the big organizations. Like you said if their is no news and the things to say then it is an issue that we should overcome. Am not talking about updating on daily basis; even if we are not able update a fan page in a span of 3 or 4 days than we had to rethink of what should we update about the concern.

  2. Being relatively new to giving social media serious thought I know that when you haven’t gotten your feet beneath you in what seems like an unending sea of ever-emerging subtleties that are so overwhelming you just want to cling to something solid. You want to be told “This is the number you need to hit.” But as I’ve gotten myself a firm grasp on the concept it becomes more and more clear that the bulk of it really does boil down to “You should post when you have something to say”.

    No one is checking to make sure you’re posting 3 times a day. And I think we can all agree that no one cares. What people DO care about is that when they see something from you they aren’t looking at some irrelevant, half-baked idea. You’re definitely hitting on a point that, once understood, is a turning of a corner. It’s like anything else you do in life: If you’re going to take the time, make it count. It’s great and indeed important to post often but no one wants to hear it when you’ve got nothing to say!

    It sounds simple but it’s important and I think we all need to be reminded of it every so often. Thanks!

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