VIDEO: You Decide – Are Cats Better Than Dogs?

The battle has been waged for centuries: dogs versus cats. For many years the canine side has possessed an obvious size advantage, except in Mexico, yet the felines flourish. Why?

In the fight for supremacy the two factions have manipulated the emotions of their owners, forcing humans to take sides and offer protection. The population has nurtured their favorites, providing them with refuge, sustenance, and in some cases even monthly grooming visits. In some cases cats and dogs even live together, having forgotten their oaths to battle each other until only one is invited to sleep on the bed of their owner.

The old wounds are reopening and we are headed to a confrontation for which few humans are prepared. The war has been renewed and as the video below proves, the first shot has been fired across the bow of those preferring their canine companions.

On which side will your allegiance fall? Share your vote in the comments section below.


7 thoughts on “VIDEO: You Decide – Are Cats Better Than Dogs?

    • Thank you for your comment Steve. This reminds me of an award that we gave while I was working at the Massachusetts SPCA for a cat that woke its owners during a fire. So it appears now that we are back at the beginning with cats and dogs on equal footing.

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