Let’s Get Social

Socializing can mean many different things, but let’s stick with online media for now.

Nonprofits are known for leaping right in when it comes to social media. It’s the perfect tool for organizations since it is frequently free and open to whatever content you can create. The biggest problem is that due to a general lack of resources, many nonprofits do not share ideas or learn from each other’s work.

So let’s fix that.

When I worked at United Way in Boston I headed our social media and online efforts. Soon after my hiring I discovered that many of the nonprofits were not communicating via social media. Many of them were not even following each other; missing a perfect opportunity to learn from successful campaigns.

I soon rolled out a plan to bring all of the nearly 200 organizations on board to begin sharing information and questions. So my thinking is that if it worked then, why can’t it work through this blog?

Do you work at a nonprofit? Are you creatively managing a social media platform? If you answered yes then shoot me an email at brianadamspr@gmail.com with links to your pages and a brief explanation of what you are doing.

If you’re looking to do something creative and have questions, email me too.

Why the emails? I’ll share your accomplishments and questions here on my blog and hopefully we can all learn from each other.

So email me your accomplishments, ideas, and questions so we can all get a bit more social.


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