5 Things to Consider Before Adopting the New Myspace

The hype has begun with the relaunch of Myspace. Social media evangelists are split in regards to how well it will do and I can already feel the tension growing among nonprofit staff who have limited resources to assign to another marketing outlet. So before everyone’s collective head explodes, let’s take a systematic approach to evaluating Myspace and helping you decide if you should invest your time in it.

1. Sign Up
As with any new, free social media you should sign up for at least two accounts. Use your generic email address to set up an account for your organization so that you can secure the naming rights for the URL shortcut. Also, if you are not already on board, sign up for a personal account so that you can test it out.

2. Play Around
Now that you are signed up, play around a bit, first on your personal account. Kick the tires and see what is behind all of the bells and whistles. Shine a light in the dark corners and see what the revamped Myspace is capable of and what it can bring to your audience that your other outlets cannot.

3. Evaluate Before You Invest
Just because you may have been a late adopter of Pinterest doesn’t mean that you should dive right in with Myspace. Ask yourself if it aligns with your business plan? Now that you better understand its capabilities, do you have the resources to take on another social media platform?

4. Create a Plan
Make sure to tie any work that you decide to undertake back to your business plan. As you craft your plan be sure to include long and short term goals. The adoption of another platform may involve too many resources unless you can find a way to incorporate this one into existing processes. Be sure to investigate how you can streamline the adoption and set defined goals. When the hype dies down will you have flamed out or will you still be in the race with a solid plan?

5. Get to work
While you may occasionally be asked for results, be sure to set the expectations of others as well as your own that adopting any new media tool is a process. This is a marathon not a race. As you invest resources you will be sure to make mistakes, along with other organizations. Social media usage is a constant learning process. What can you learn from others who are also testing this new platform? Are their lessons you can bring from your other efforts with social media?

Last Thoughts
Remember that there is not a magic formula to online success, however there are ways to prevent complete failure. Set your goals and keep your sites on them every step of the way. Also be sure to learn from others while being authentic and keeping your voice. The one thing you can count on is that there will be mounds of questions within your organization as well as massive hype from the media.

What do you plan to do now that the new Myspace has launched? Do you have advice to share? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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