San Francisco Sumo

Siosifa Isamau, Randy Jimenez, me and Kelly Gneiting

You know why I love San Francisco? There are many reasons but yesterday it was because when Ms. Kluender asked me what I wanted to do for a few hours I was able to say: “Let’s go to the Japantown Benihana and meet some professional sumo heavyweights.”

Seriously. I never thought I would be able to string those words together in my life. It was only topped later in the afternoon when an adult passenger on the bus ride home told her companion: “Oh no, Winnie is going to be late.” Her companion? You guessed it, a large stuffed Winnie the Pooh. Gotta love this city. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

NOTE: Sumo wrestlers have been known to scare children.


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