Back on the Shelf

Another book bit the dust this week. This time it was Jack London’s White Fang. I was looking to read a new book after focusing mainly on newspapers and online media for the past few weeks and this one jumped out at me from my own collection.

The cover drew me in; the half wolf, half dog possesses a stare that plays on my animal welfare instinct to rescue, heal, and nurture. I dove in as memories of reading this story ages ago slowly came back to me.

Unfortunately, I can be easily distracted when it comes to reading in my personal time. I found time to beat the computer several times in Scrabble, downloaded the infectious Temple Run on my phone, and Tweeted a bit more than usual in my spare time. I also prepared for a few job interviews, researched potential employers and submitted applications, and began the early phases of a jogging regimen.

Now that I think of it…I should pick up a few more books so that I can do more than just read.


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