Bertrum’s Recruits: A Furry Fury

The “Little” Dude has joined Bertrum’s cause.

A storm is coming. It will sweep the land and with it, quite possibly take all of the surviving milkmen. It is a furry fury unbound when cats receive and learn how to use their opposable thumbs.

What will stop it? I don’t know if I feel that it should be stopped. My cats (The “Little” Dude, right, and Scout, aka Ol’ One Eye and Mr. Eko here) have already joined Bertrum’s army and to what end? When will enough be enough? Might it be our fault? Could we have pushed them too far with the constant feeding, brushing, poop scooping, and coo-chee-coo baby talk?

If you have felines that wish to take up arms, it might be best to let them do so here. You can also learn how it all began last year and take a look at what lies ahead with the videos below.


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