Infographics, Infoshmaphrics

A sample infographic from Beth Kanter’s Pinterest page on social media.

We all have our personal view of infographics. Now that just about anyone can create a half-decent and visually attractive presentation, businesses and organizations are being inundated with “expert” opinion presented in a minute-or-less read.

I view infographics as the CliffsNotes of the marketing and social media world. There are usually a few tidbits in there for the seasoned professional and they can provide an easily digestible method to introducing newbies or less knowledgeable colleagues to broad ideas.

All of that said, Erin, a former United Way colleague and big Beth Kanter fan, sent me a Pinterest page full of social media infographics. Kanter always presents insightful ideas for nonprofits and her collection here can help anyone at your organization wrap their head around social media and even give the marketing/communications team a few ideas.

I just wish that they weren’t always so long. Keep scrolling…


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