Syria’s Social Rebels


Social media has always been a double-edged sword. As more people share information publicly they have formed virtual friendships across the globe while also opening themselves up for personal attacks. The same has happened to corporations looking to appear more transparent; in many cases this helps them forge deeper customer relationships however it has also created crises in need of PR fixes (see Chick-fil-A).

Social media has also been credited with sharing information to help shifts in government – most evident in Arab Spring examples such as Egypt, Tunisia, and Sudan. It is now being shown that the overabundance of cell phone cameras and access to social media can harm a rebel movement’s image.

Videos have been spreading across YouTube and various online sites showing human rights atrocities in Syria. At first, the rebels used these videos to show horrific acts by the Syrian government however these clips have begun chronicling the brutality on both sides of the revolution, leading many to ask: “Where is the condemnation for these growing accounts of human rights violations?”

Please be warned that the VIDEO BELOW IS GRAPHIC, showing the bodies of slain Syrian soldiers being hurled from a rooftop to the crowded streets. Robert Mackey also wrote an in-depth account on The Lede, a blog of The New York Times.


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