A Diseased Face of Friendship

My daily job hunt has been punctuated by various television shows over the past few months. I have found that it is best to find entertainment that is not too distracting, which is why I began with Law & Order. A few episodes playing in the background created a certain energy without providing any plot that was too disruptive.

I am currently nearing the finish of season four of The IT Crowd via Netflix. If you have not seen this show yet you really should throw it on when you are doing something else. It has several hilarious lines per episode and goes down easier than room temperature tea.

“It’s basically a diseased face of friendship!”

Surprisingly though, the show presented a rather astute summary of social media – specifically Facebook or FriendFace as it is called here. I have been asked in several interviews to explain social media’s role in communications and I wish it was appropriate to bring this little clip along – enjoy!


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