Housekeeping Pimp

The car pulls up, tight to the curb. A slender woman, most likely in her mid-thirties with olive skin, climbs out from behind the passenger side door. Dressed in worn sneakers, tight jeans, and a form fitting sweatshirt she quickly makes her way to the back of the car.

The trunk pops open and the woman quickly finds the vacuum cleaner and bucket of cleaning supplies. She is alone today so the job may take a while longer.

The driver side door opens and middle-aged man steps out. He speaks briefly with the woman, checking his watch. The back seat is empty, its usual occupants, two women, are missing today.

The man’s actions are quick as he again checks his watch, speaking faster to the woman as she closes the trunk. He points to a window of the building they have parked in front of and shows the woman his watch.

She makes her way to the metal gate at the entrance to the lobby. The gate opens and a well-suited man in his mid-twenties passes by the woman as he runs a palm across his slicked back hair.

She wrestles with the vacuum cleaner as the door begins to close, the heavy metal making it difficult for her balance the bucket while shoving a hip against its edge.

The men wave to each other, quickly exchanging greetings before each driving away.

A moment later and the woman is gone, leaving a rag on the sidewalk in front of the gate. Crumpled and stained it flops loosely as the wind pushes it towards the gutter.


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