“The Last Lions” Redux

Ma di Tau With Two Cubs – Photograph by Beverly Joubert

The children in the theater began crying as the lion cub was pulled under by the crocodile.

“Where did he go daddy?”

“Why isn’t he swimming to his momma?”

“Why isn’t his momma waiting for him?”

In that instant, two groups of parents sitting in the rows in front of us knew they should not have brought their children to see The Last Lions.

The toddlers were escorted from the theater in tears, sobbing as they tried to understand what they just saw.

Grown Ups Have Feelings Too

I look to my right and Ms. Kluender is also in tears. I can see the same sadness in her face; an all-encompassing sorrow after having witnessed the non-Disney version of the circle of life.

Photo via Daily Mail – Pia Dierickx/BNPS

A little over a year later and this story has taken a new turn. Wildlife photographer Pia Dierickx has captured the moments when a lioness battles with a crocodile to ensure safe passage for her cubs in a treacherous river crossing.

It would be nice to think that those kids also see these photos. I know I will show them to Ms. Kluender as soon as she wakes up.

If you still want to check out The Last Lions, here’s a taste of what you are in store for:


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