Thoughts on the Olympics Opening Ceremony

Putting on the Olympics opening ceremony is an amazing feat of planning, coordination, and execution. Today’s event contained a seemingly endless amount of actors, dancers, bands, set designs, and history lessons.

Here are a few of my thoughts as I was watching the opening ceremony:

“Flying Pink Floyd pig! Yeah!”

“Is this the opening to Eastenders? Rickaaaaaaaay!”

“That kid has an amazing voice.”

“Everyone moved real slow in olde England.”

“Is this the opening ceremony or the largest diorama in the history of middle school social studies?”

“Industrial Revolution! Yeah!”

“The Queen and my grandmother certainly look a lot alike.”

“Where can I get a suit like Daniel Craig?”

“Corgies! Yeah!”

“Why is it daytime in the Bond-copter but nighttime in London?”

“JM Barrie did some wonderful estate planning (G.O.S.H.).”

“National Health Service! Yeah!”

“Those aren’t doctors Meredith, they’re dancers.”

“A spoonful of sugar makes everything better.”

“Canada…watch out for the giant baby in the stadium (yes, this is an Akira reference).”

“Chariots of Fire! Yeah! Mr. Bean! Hell yeah!”

“This is going to be a long road of regretting giving up competitive running. Where are my sneakers? Wait I don’t need sneakers to run to this song.”

“No dessert? No TV? No bestselling book? I’m reading Hunger Games, watching the opening ceremony and dunking cookies. I’ll never be the oldest Olympic athlete.”

“Screw you Pizza Hut…vegetarians rule!” (advertisement break)

“This is what happens when you have to much sugar before bed or creating an opening ceremony.”

“Four decades of British music…I can’t wait for Wham!.”

“Life on Mars was a good show.”

“Monkey on the rings:)” (Great ad but you should not use animals for entertainment.)

“The Prodigy! Blur! Yeah!”

“Shut up about how this is every parent’s nightmare Matt Lauer. We get, you have kids.”

“Who says the world wide web? Wait, it’s a person?”

“Beckham. Thankfully it’s so loud no one will hear him if he opens his mouth.”

“Sorry Danny Boyle, looks like NBC cut your tribute to the victims on terrorism from the West coast broadcast as well.”

“Parade of Nations next? Time to meet some Aussies for a late bite. I will have to catch that tomorrow.”


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